déc 12 2014

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Fixing No connection on Google Play for Android

google play android aucune connexion


This problem occurs times to times on my Android smartphone or my tablet, that message saying “No connection” and a Retry button when I open the Google Play App.


Here a list of fixes that can solve the problem :


– Go to system settings then go in Apps :


android paramètres applications


– There search for “Google Play Store” and clic on it :


android paramètres application google play store


– Now clic on “Uninstall Updates”, once it done clic on “Clear Data” then on “Clear Cache”.


– All done ? Go back in settings then clic on “Date and Time” :


Android paramètres date et heure


– Activate (if it ain’t) the Automatic date & time field.


– Check the date and time is correct
– Power off your device, then power it on.
– Google Play Store should work better :


google play store

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